‘Tell me, what is the weight of one single snowflake?’ asked the stoat to a dove.  

‘Nothing more than nothing’ was the answer of the dove. 

‘Well, in that case, I have to tell you a miraculously story’, said the stoat. ‘One day I was sitting on a branch of a pine tree, when it still and softly started to snow. Because there was nothing else to do, I started to count the snowflakes that were softly fluttering down on the branch I was sitting on. I was exactly at number  3.471.265, when the 3.471.266th  snowflake fell on the branch,.. Nothing more than nothing you say, but the branch broke.’ 

And the stoat continued his way. 

The dove, since the time of Noah an authority  in the matters of peace, thought about the story and said to himself. 

‘Maybe, just maybe, we are lacking the voice of one person to bring peace into the world.’